Micol Benetti


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Titolo del progetto di ricerca: Studio della Relatività Generale e delle Teorie Estese della Gravità attraverso la Cosmografia e Dati Cosmologici

Project title: Exploring General Relativity and Extended Gravity Theory by Cosmography and Cosmological Data

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  • Research interests:
    Dr Benetti works in the field of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology. She got the National Scientific Qualification in Theoretical Physics of Fundamental Interactions (02/A2) and in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth and Planetary Physics (02/C1) in 2022. She works in modelling the expansion of the universe, covering a broad spectrum of interests ranging from inflationary theories to dark energy models to extended theories of gravity. Among other things, she works on inflationary theories in both hot and warm contexts; on LCDM-type and extended cosmological models, also considering possible interactions between dark components; and on Gauss bonnet-type gravity models and considering torsion contribution.
    In addition to developing alternative theories and models, she also specialises in constraining theories with observational data. She is an expert in Boltzmann solver codes and the use of MCMC algorithms and Bayesian exploration. She is also well versed in statistical analysis, both frequentist and Bayesian, and in scientific programming languages.
    In recent years, she has become interested in the study of the recent expansion of the universe and the tensions that have emerged in the last decade. Her research activities include both the comparison between theories and observational data, to understand the properties of the universe and the validity of cosmological models, and the investigation of alternative techniques for the interpretation of model-independent data, such as cosmography. In addition, she has recently worked on the selection of BAO and QSO data for cosmological use, approaching alternative techniques that provide additional model independence in the assumptions made. Finally, she has recently joined the theoretical group of the Einstein Telescope experiment (Cosmology division), and has become interested in cosmological analyses with gravitational waves. In previous years, she had already conducted theoretical estimates of primordial gravitational waves from inflationary models and has recently started working on model analyses with possible stochastic signals from the NANOGRAV collaboration.

    She is author of nearly 50 peer reviewed articles published in international scientific journals and reviewer of several Q1 and Q2 journals. She also received the SIGRAV young researcher prize in 2021 for her research in the field of cosmology. Since 2017, he has been holding an annual course for PhD students on Theoretical Cosmology at several Italian and international venues. She has been coadvisor of more than 10 theses, including one doctoral thesis. She is very active in organising events and doctoral schools, as well as participating in outreach events. She has currently received almost 20 invitations for talks at scientific meetings and seminars.

    Short biography:
    Dr Benetti graduated in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Rome ‘Sapienza’ and received her PhD in Relativistic Astrophysics from the same university in 2014. He worked for four years (2014-2018) at the Astronomical Observatory of Rio de Janeiro in the Gravitation and Cosmology group of Prof. Alcaniz, and from 2018-2021 at the Department of Physics ‘Ettore Pancini’ of the University of Naples Federico II, working with Prof. Capozziello. She is currently an Assistant Resarch fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies – SSM. She is currently affiliated with INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and a member of the specific initiative QGSKy, working in the field of cosmology and gravitation. In addition, it is part of the theoretical group of the JPAS (Javalambre Physics of the Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey) experiment, a 56-filter telescope for the exploration of the evolution of the universe.

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