Caio César Graciani Rodrigues


Assegnista in: MERC (MERC)

Titolo del progetto di ricerca: Control and Filtering for Markov Jump Linear Systems

Project title: Control and Filtering for Markov Jump Linear Systems

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  • Short bio: C. C. Graciani Rodrigues holds a Major in Mathematics (Fluminense Federal University, 2010, Brazil), an M.Sc. in Computational Modeling in Science and Technology (Fluminense Federal University, 2013, Brazil) and a D.Sc. in Computational Modeling (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, 2017, Brazil). Over the past few years, the main topic of his research investigation has been to explore performance analysis, and design methods to control and filtering for a particular class of hybrid stochastic systems, the well-known Markov jump linear system (MJLS). He has specialized in the study of MJLS with partial information on the jumping Markov process, assuming the existence of a suitable detector available at all times, which provides measurements of the original operating mode of the system. MJLS is a sophisticated mathematical tool for modeling complex systems subjected to abrupt changes, such as, for instance, robotics, power systems, and mathematical finance. In this regard, together with theoretical developments, he has also successfully established expertise in numerical simulation of this class of systems.

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