Mattia Melosso


Assegnista in: MOSES (MOSES)

Titolo del progetto di ricerca: SIMULATE: Searching Interstellar Molecules Using Laboratory and Theoretical Expertise

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  • Mattia Melosso got his PhD in Chemistry at University of Bologna in 2020. Currently, he works as post-doc fellow at Scuola Superiore Meridionale within the Molecular Science for Earth and Space area.

    Mattia dedicates his research to rotational and ro-vibrational spectroscopy and contributed to the discovery of new interstellar molecules, including the NHD and ND2 radicals, ethyl isocyanate, (Z)-1,2-ethenediol, and propanol.

    The SIMULATE project aims at investigating the rotational and ro-vibrational spectra of selected molecules of astrochemical interest, in order to enable their detection in the interstellar medium and –more generally– to improve our comprehension of interstellar chemistry.