Mohamed Ali Adraoui



Titolo del progetto di ricerca: The History of the US Foreign Policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood


Ph.D in Political Science, Sciences Po Paris, 2011

Awards, Fellowships, Qualifications

Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow, Georgetown University and London School of Economics, September 2019-August 2020

Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Middle East Institute, August 2015-September 2017

Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute, Florence, September 2013-August 2015

Teaching experience

Scuola superiore meridionale

2020                         Doing Research in Global History (PhD Seminar)

Sciences Po Paris

2008-2010              Middle East Politics

Institute of Political Studies in Grenoble

2012-2013              Political Theory

Research languages

French, English, Arabic

In the last decades, various Islamist groups have been in opposition to certain regimes but also risen to positions of prominence and power. This project aims to examine the relations between the US and the broad canvass of personalities and movements identifying themselves as proponents of Islamism1 as observable within the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Principally, this project is meant to understand the mechanisms of American foreign policy towards the political and social phenomena of Islamism, by focusing on the history of the US policy towards the MB in Egypt. The project tackles the issue of how the United States has been dealing with the main Islamist movement in the biggest Arab country for a century.

In order to conduct the research project, I have conducted a historical investigation based on State Department and Presidential archives and sources that detail how US foreign policy practitioners have interacted with Islamism over the course of several decades. I have then second compared rhetoric and strategy with acts in the contemporary state of play by examining interviews, analyzing discourses and studying actions towards the Egyptian MB undertaken in the name of US foreign policy.


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edited volumes

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journal articles

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This article made it onto the shortlist for the Early Career Prize 2017 awarded by the journal International Affairs.

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book chapters

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