Burak Beşir Fındıklı


Project title: The Sultan's Diplomats: A New Prosopography of the Ottoman Diplomatic Service in the Hamidian Era (1879-1909)

Supervisor(s): Erik-Jan Zürcher


College of Europe – Natolin, MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies (2020-2021) | European History and Civilization Major
Thesis: “Fraternité dans le Malheur:” Ottoman-Polish Relations and Russian Expansion (1768-1856)
Supervisor: Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski

Marmara University, MA in History (2017-2020)
Thesis: Halil Şerif Paşa (1831-1879) as a Diplomat of the Tanzimat
Supervisor: Abdülhamit Kırmızı

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Erasmus Exchange Studies, History (FS, 2019-2020)

Ankara University – Faculty of Political Science, BA in International Relations (2013-2017)

Sciences Po Lyon – IEP, Certificate of French and European Studies (SS, 2015-2016)


• University Teaching Assistant, Marmara University (2017-2019)


Counting the Ottoman Capital: Auguste Viquesnel’s Voyage dans la Turquie d’Europe and travel writing as quantitative source, in TIOL 2 Seminar: Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the Balkans, Anatolia and Beyond, organized by ASTENE, Sarajevo, August 2022.


• Editorial Translator – Dünya Basınında Atatürk, (ed.) Abdullah Özkan, Koçak Yayın Grubu, İstanbul, 2020.


• Geremek Scholarship for the College of Europe by the European Parliament (2020-2021)
• Erasmus+ exchange scholarship (2019-2020)
• Erasmus+ scholarship for CFES, Sciences Po Lyon (2015-2016)


My project aims to create a collective biography of career diplomats during the reign of Abdülhamid II, with the help of digital tools to unearth group dynamics, networks, career patterns, etc. based on the information mainly provided by the Ottoman Personnel Records (Sicill-i Ahvâl).