Liam T. Edwards


Ciclo: XXXV

Project title: Nations Divided, Borders Drawn: A Global History of Partition in the 20th Century

MA in History, University of Vermont (Burlington, USA)

Thesis Title: A Case of Sexual Misconduct: Gender Dynamics, Cultural Hegemony, and the United States Military in the Pacific 1945 – Present

BA in History, Hendrix College (Arkansas, USA)

My research is largely concentrated around the use of partition as political and legal tool in the process of decolonization during the 20th century. Many nation-specific studies of partition have been published but there is a distinct absence of scholarly literature that considers the process of partition as part and parcel of more global trends occurring throughout the 1900s. This dissertation project aims to bring together these national narratives of partition in to a synthetic work that considers the process in a global comparative perspective.