Antonia Viscusi


Ciclo: XXXVI

Titolo progetto: Il romanzo nell’Antico Egitto come forma interculturale

Project title: The novel in Ancient Egypt as an intercultural form

Supervisor(s): Prof. Giovan Battista D'Alessio; Prof. Luigi Prada

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  • The Novel in Ancient Egypt as an Intercultural Form

    The discoveries of papyrus fragments of hitherto unknown Greek novels have increased the corpus of available texts and modified our sense of the field. Papyrus fragments testify the great popularity of Greek fiction in Graeco-Roman Egypt and play an important role in the interaction between Egyptian and Greek culture in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. After Barns’ hypothesis of the Egyptian origin of the Greek novel, Demotic studies have shown that Greek fiction and Egyptian fiction are related and that translations and adaptations of Egyptian literary works were made into Greek. In this interdisciplinary research, as an example of the kind of work that should be done in this field, explaining the Egyptian background of the ancient Greek novel, I will do both philological and cultural-historical analyses of the Greek novel in order to re-evaluate its development as literary elaboration’s process of local Egyptian traditions and to define it as a versatile and really cross-cultural ‘genre’.