Scuola Superiore Meridionale – June 22-24, 2022 Room 2 – Largo San Marcellino, 10, 3rd floor


2.00 PM

Institutional Greetings

Daniela Luigia Caglioti


Rebecca Scott (University of Michigan)
Maternity and Slavery: Listening to a Voice in the Archive


Teresa Göltl (Heidelberg University)
The affaire Vallentin (1842) – a micro-history of an enslaver at court: new perspectives on the last decade of slavery in the French lesser Antilles

Diego Schibelinski (Bonn Center for Dependency and Slave Studies)
Disputes around the enrollment of the seafolk: Santa Catarina, Brazil, 1845-1855

Elena Barattini (University of Turin)
Engendering legal resistance: patrocinadas and the Juntas in Matanzas, Cuba (1880-1886)


9.30 AM

Magdalena Zier (Stanford University)
The last execution in Washington Square: panic and punishment in New York’s Age of gradual emancipation

Diego Galeano (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)
‘Indispensable to trade’: money counterfeiters, migrants, and business in the Atlantic World, 1880-1940

Saeed Ahmad (University of Göttingen)
Forging spaces: negotiating streets and practices in a Delhi neighbourhood

Abhijit Balakrishnan (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad)
Caste bodies to civil subjects: ‘breast cloth movement’ and emerging legal regimes in nineteenth century colonial South India


2.30 PM

Arlena Buelli (University of Bologna)
Echoed and ‘re-echoed’: radical print cultures in dialogue across the Black Atlantic (1918-33)

Gianmarco Mancosu (University of Cagliari)
Recasting (post)colonial identities: individual and collective trajectories of Italians in socialist Ethiopia (1974-1991)


5.00 PM


Andreas Ecker(Humboldt University)
What is work? Who is a worker? African labour history in a global perspective


9.00 AM

Anabel Garcia (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla)
Mexico city’s urban- popular movement (1975 – 1989): a case study on gendered subjectivities and power interstices in feminist key

Martina Biondi (University of Perugia)
Women making change in Morocco. Political activism for gender rights and historical memory (1980-2005)

Ngozi Edeagu (University of Bayreuth)
Nigerian non-elite women’s everyday  survival and resistance during and after the Second  World War

12.00 AM


Emmanuelle Saada (Columbia University)
Legality and Legitimacy: French and Algerian Conceptions of Justice at the End of the 19th Century

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Organizing and scientific committee:
Daniela Luigia Caglioti, Marjorie Carvalho de Souza,
Olindo De Napoli, Anna Nasser, Alessandro Stanziani
PhD in Global History and Governance