A new cycle of Scientific Colloquia is starting again for the academic year 2022-23. Colloquia are highly interdisciplinary seminars given by world renown scientists, aimed primarily at PhD students and young researchers, but open to anyone interested.

The events are held every Thursday afternoon, and you can attend in person or online. The program and information on how to attend are available on the dedicated web page.

The Scientific Colloquia are organized by the SSM PhD programs in “Advanced Mathematical and Physical Sciences for Advanced Materials and Technologies”, “Cosmology, Space Science and Space Technology” and “Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity”.

For any information, please refer to the organizers at the following email addresses: giacomo.ascione@unina.it, francesco.bajardi@unina.it, simona.guglielmi@unina.it, simone.mancini2@unina.it.