The Scuola Superiore Meridionale di Napoli is an international school of higher education and research with an Institute of Advanced Study.  It is part of the Italian public university system and was established experimentally for three years at the University of Naples Federico II by law n. 145 2018, paragraphs 409-413.

It is only accessible through public selection based on talent and merit.

The main purpose of the School are:

  • the advancement of knowledge
  • the preparation of young people for highly qualified scientific research, higher education and the management of complex organisations.

The SSM is organized, as of today, in nine scientific areas

  • Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology and Cultures. Historical Research, Preservation, Cultural Heritage, Management, and Use
    • Cosmology, space science & space technology
    • Genomic and experimental medicine
    • Global history and governance
    • Law and Organizational Studies for People with Disabilities
    • Mathematical and physical sciences for advanced materials and technologies
    • Modeling and engineering risk and complexity
    • Molecular Sciences for Earth and Space
    • Texts, Traditions and Book Cultures. Italian and Romance Studies

The School’s teaching and learning is organised into two branches:

  • the undergraduate course that offers supplementary classes for students enrolled in the three-year courses, single cycle courses and master degrees at the University of Naples Federico II
  • the doctoral programmes